Tips Counter Johnson: Making This Hero Ineffective !

Tips Counter Johnson: Making This Hero Ineffective !

Tips Counter Johnson, isn’t just a hero; he’s a powerhouse tank and roamer in the dynamic world of Mobile Legends. Many players rely on him to be the guardian of their team in every match. With his robust skills and the ultimate car at his disposal, Johnson can effortlessly disrupt the opponent’s defense, making them hesitate before leaving their turrets. Now, let’s delve into some kid-friendly tips and tricks on how to handle Johnson and turn his powerful moves into parking sessions!

1. Choose Heroes with Crowd Control (CC) Abilities-Tips Counter Johnson

Why It’s Cool: Imagine heroes having the power to stop Johnson right in his tracks when he’s zooming around in his car! Heroes like Franco with his hook, Kaja with his ultimate lightning powers, or Chou with his super kick can be a real headache for Johnson during his joyride.

2. Swift and Sneaky Heroes are the Key-Tips Counter Johnson

Why It’s Awesome: Picture this – heroes like Ling, Gusion, or Selena who can zip around the battlefield super fast. They can sneak up on Johnson, giving him a surprise party with a massive dose of damage before he even thinks about revving up his ultimate.

3. Use Anti-Regen Items-Tips Counter Johnson

Why It’s Clever: Johnson thinks he’s cool with his regenerating attacks, right? Well, not so fast! You can throw a wrench into his plans by using items like the Necklace of Durance or Sea Halberd. These items mess with his HP regeneration and make him reevaluate his strategy.

4. Team Communication is Vital

Why It’s Important: Teamwork makes the dream work! Let your teammates in on the action. Shout out loud (not too loud!) when Johnson decides to hit the road. This heads-up gives your team the time they need to prepare and put up a solid roadblock.

5. Keep an Eye on the Map

Why It’s Smart: Johnson has a need for speed, and he can change the game in a flash. Always keep your eyes on the minimap – it’s like having a magical rear-view mirror. If Johnson disappears from the map, send out a team-wide alert. Safety first!

6. Defensive Items for the Win

Why It’s a Game-Changer: If you’re playing as a tank or support, it’s time to suit up! Build those defensive items to protect yourself and your team from Johnson’s turbo-charged attacks. Safety gear on, and you’re ready for the showdown!

Remember, it’s not just about defeating Johnson; it’s about doing it as a team. Knowing Johnson’s weaknesses and how to counter them is like having the ultimate cheat code in the Mobile Legends world. So, gear up, young legends, and show SLOT SERVER THAILAND Johnson that even the coolest rides can be brought to a halt!